Eating and drinking by the Sea

Zon Zee Strand has two beach restaurants. Think of the best wines, good food and of course friendly service. The restaurants are open from 10 am to 10 pm. You can come to us for a cup of coffee in the morning with a yoghurt&crumble or start the day with a pastry. Our lunch menu is very extended. Come with friends for a cozy drink with the most delicious snacks. Or enjoy a long dinner until the sun has set. 

WOEST is in Callantsoog. Opposite our Duynsuites you only have to cross the dunes and then you can already see the restaurants. The building has two floors and an impressive window.

Paal6 is in Julianadorp, 10 minutes north of Callantsoog. The walk from the large parkinglot is through the dunes. If you walk here, listen carefully to the sounds of the beautiful nature around you. Then the turn around and there is Paal6 in sight. A large spacious terrace with enough seating for everyone. You are most welcome! 

'D Heerlijckheid is the restaurant on the Duynpark. Whether you come from far or up close, eating out at 'd Heerlijckheid is like a holiday on your plate. Our chef will take you on a journey with different dishes with all the beauty that the Noordkop and North Sea has to offer. 

Special overnight stays at unique locations
Within walking distance to the beach and nature reserve
A carefree holiday with personal attention