Beach of Callantsoog

Perhaps the most beautiful beach of the Netherlands

Miles long
Callantsoog has a great beach. The sandy beach of the coastal town is clean, wide and kilometers long. Perhaps the most beautiful beach of the Netherlands. Perfect for long romantic beach walks or enjoy a day together when the weather is nice. On the beach of Callantsoog you will never get bored! How about sunbathing, hiking, building castles, kite flying, kite surfing, volleyball, surfing, horseback riding and land sailing. The sun shines more often and longer in Callantsoog than in the rest of the Netherlands and it rains less. How nice is that?

Children love the beach because who doesn't like to build sandcastles, look for shells, fly kites and play with water and sand. Who finds the most beautiful shell? The beach is guarded during the summer months by the Rescue Brigade Paal 13. This gives a safe feeling, especially when you come to the beach with children.

The Blue Flag
The Blue Flag flies on the beach of Callantsoog! And that is a very good sign. The Blue Flag is a quality mark and stands for a clean and safe beach. You don't get this flag just like that. The beach has to meet very strict conditions. The swimming water of the coastal town is of a very good quality and the beach is kept clean. Of course there are toilets and bins on the beach and there is a first aid post. The swimming water is examined every two weeks for the presence of two types of bacteria. The quality mark has to be earned every year and that is of course only positive so that the quality remains guaranteed.

Parking in Callantsoog
Callantsoog has a decent parking capacity but when the weather is nice it is not always possible to park your car. The good news is that parking in the popular coastal town is free but in some places a blue card is required.

Wi-Fi on the beach of Callantsoog
Can you do so hard without the internet? On a part of the beach of Callantsoog there is fortunately a free Wi-Fi network available. And also on the village square of Callantsoog the Wi-Fi network is free to use. So you can immediately share your photos with your friends on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

Dogs on the beach
Dogs are welcome on the beach of Callantsoog. It is of course great fun to make long walks on the beach with your dog. Between the 1st of October and the 1st of May dogs are allowed to walk freely on the beach. After 1 May the dogs must be on a leash during the day and are only allowed to walk freely from 19.00 to 09.00 hours.

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