Pure Enjoyment by the Sea

Enjoy the winter in Callantsoog!

Wonderful quality time close to the sea

Enjoy the peace and quiet of Het Zwanenwater nature reserve or get a breath of fresh air on the beach. 

Take advantage of last-minute discounts on all accommodation at Zon Zee Strand.*

*(10 days before your arrival date and not on bookings already made)

About Zon Zee Strand

In September 2014 we started Zon Zee Strand. Because Zon Zee Strand owns beautiful and unique accommodation and two Beach Restaurants, we can provide you as a guest with the best possible service for a carefree and atmospheric stay in the North Holland coastal town of Callantsoog.

Special Accommodations

Zon Zee Strand offers you special accommodations at unique locations in the North Holland coastal village Callantsoog. Within walking distance of the beach, bordering on Het Zwanenwater nature reserve and close to the bustling village square, you will find our unique accommodations.
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Special overnight stays at unique locations
Within walking distance to the beach and nature reserve
Complete and carefree vacation