Terms and Conditions Zon Zee Strand

Thank you for your booking at Zon Zee Strand

1. Bookings
Zon Zee Strand only accepts bookings from persons over 18 years. Zon Zee Strand reserves the right to refuse a booking at any time, without giving reasons. The confirmation (also invoice) should be checked for accuracy immediately upon receipt. Possible or claimed inadequacies must always be notified by phone or email within 10 days of the date of the confirmation/invoice. In any case, prior to the beginning of the stay. Please contact us when you are not in possession of a written confirmation/invoice within one weekday after booking.

2. Bookings groups
Special conditions may be imposed on the supervisors. Purpose and size of the group may in certain cases mean that the group will not be accepted.

3. Price
The prices listed on the website are not decisive. Zon Zee Strand has the right to change these prices.

4. No smoking
All Zon Zee Strand accommodations are non-smoking areas.

5. Tourist tax and charges
All prices are exclusive of tax and charges. The amount is € 1,32 per person per night. Decisive for the determination of the number of people per booking period, is the number of people staying in the tent for at least 1 night.

6. Pets
Bringing your pet is allowed in some of our accommodations. When booking and upon arrival pets must be reported. For pets a fee must be paid.

7. Payments
a. Booking Amounts payable in two installments. A deposit of 30 % within 8 days after the invoice date. The remainder of the booking amount must be paid no later than 30 days before the stay at Zon Zee Strand. When you make the booking within 30 days to your stay, you will pay the entire amount at once.

b. In case of late or incomplete payment of the amounts invoiced, you are in default. Zon Zee Strand then sends a reminder. If the amount is not yet in possession of Zon Zee Strand within 2 days after the date of the reminder, we are entitled to terminate the agreement unilaterally by means of a letter to the guest, who will be held responsible for any damage that Zon Zee Strand might suffer as a result (including all costs associated with the booking and the cancellation).

8. Cancellations
At cancellation the following provisions:
If canceled more than 10 weeks before your stay, you owe nothing. Cancellations within 10 weeks prior to your stay will be charged with 30% of the rent. If cancelled within 1 week before your stay, you owe the entire booking amount.

9. Arrival and departure
Procedure before arrival.

After payment of the full invoice amount, you will receive useful destination information for a pure stay.

Arrival procedure.
Check-in time starts at 16:00 in the reserved accommodation.

Departure procedure.
On the day of departure you must vacate the accommodation before 10:00 am for cleaning.

10. Bylaws
To enrich the stay in our accommodation, we have prepared a code of conduct for our guests in the bylaws. All guests must follow such policies. You can check the bylaws upon arrival. If you wish, the bylaws may also be sent to you. Violation of the rules of procedure may result in removal from the facility, without refund of the rent or a part thereof. Zon Zee Strand reserves the right to changes to the design and opening times of the facilities and amenities. Please be aware of the fact that maintenance work can be performed on site or at the accommodations, without any right to compensation.

11. Force Majeure
Force majeure on the part of Zon Zee Strand exists if the performance of the contract - in whole or in part - is temporarily prevented by circumstances beyond the control of Zon Zee Strand. Under which also included: the threat of war, strikes, blockades, fire, regulations by central governments, floods and other disruptions or events.

12. Liability
Zon Zee Strand accepts no liability for:
Theft, loss or damage of any kind during or as a result of a stay at our park. Disabled or inoperable technical equipment and the failure or closure of facilities on site. The tenant and those who accompany him/her are severally liable for all loss and/or damage to Zon Zee Strand and/or any third party as a direct or indirect result of their stay. Regardless of whether this was caused by acts or omissions of themselves or of others standing by them on the accommodation as well as any damage caused by any animal and/or property which they are entrusted. Extra (cleaning) costs can be used to account for improper use of the accommodation or incorrect leaving.

13. Complaints
Despite all the good care of our employees, it can happen that you have a legitimate complaint. This complaint is to be discussed with us right away to give us the opportunity to put things right. Complaints about cleaning? Contact us immediately after arrival (within 2 hours).

14. Day visitors
In principle, it is permitted to receive visitors, provided that the maximum number of overnight visitors is not exceeded. These visitors have to sign in at the office of Zon Zee Strand before arriving.

15. General
These general conditions apply to all reservations made ​​- directly or indirectly - at Zon Zee Strand. Changes are reserved to the contents of our publications. Obvious printing errors do not bind us.

Address office Zon Zee Strand
Zeeweg 2, 1759 GV Callantsoog

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