Our special vacation homes

Pure enjoyment by the Sea

Zon Zee Strand has two group-accommodations in Callantsoog. Both are close to our small-scale vacation park and surrounded by Het Zwanenwater nature reserve. About 10 minutes walk from the beach and the cozy village square.

We can also divide the farm into four apartments which you can rent with a smaller group. Whether you come with the whole family or just with your loved one. Invite the complete group of friends or want to plan a family vacation. At Zon Zee Strand you are very welcome! An additional advantage, the dog can also come along. 

And did you know that as a guest of Zon Zee Strand you can also use the facilities at the park? The children can rage on the playing fields. Get a wet suit at the water basin. 

View over nature reserve
Fully equipped
Walking distance of the beach
Vossehoeck 1
€ 865,00 - 1.043,001 - 421
Vossehoeck 2
€ 1.094,60 - 1.469,001 - 832
Vossehoeck 3
€ 977,30 - 1.308,501 - 632
Vossehoeck 4
€ 865,00 - 973,001 - 421
Villa Zuidwester
€ 2.616,00 - 3.438,001 - 1873
Group accommodtion Landzicht
€ 4.209,00 - 4.209,001 - 24104

"The ultimate vacation feeling"

Familie de Vries
Upon arrival the door was open and we could enter.  Very nice!The bottle of wine on the table immediately gave us the vacation feeling.  Everything was clean and the extra sheets were ready for us. The hostess came by to say hello. Top service! 
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