Zon Sneeuw Bergen

Are you already thinking about winter? We have 3 holiday homes available in Austria for families.
It's already very busy with reservations, but we still have a few periods available.
Take a quick look at www.zonsneeuwbergen.nl or send an email to info@zonsneeuwbergen.nl

Directly on the slopes and within walking distance of the pleasant village of Rauris you will find the detached family houses and apartments of Zon Sneeuw Bergen.

All very suitable for you and your (whole) family or a large group of friends.
Rauris is a real family destination in all seasons, but although the valley is of course also beautiful in spring and autumn, it is mainly the tranquility that predominates.

In summer and winter there is much to do and see in the beautiful Rauris and Raurisertal. As a family, you don't have to be bored for a moment and you probably need more time to discover everything.

The website cannot do without information about our great accommodations, and you can also read more about the area and the trips in Rauris. Take a quick look at the website www.zonsneeuwbergen.nl

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