All stay healthy!

We are again hit hard with the new government policy. Both of our restaurants have to be closed for 4 (!!) weeks. We did not expect this. Just collect, head on and on. Health is the most important. We must win the battle against COVID-19.

That is why you can contact us for TO-GO from today. Delicious coffee and cake, sandwiches, snacks and wine or a choice for dinner. Please order dinner in advance. Come and pick it up by yourself and preferably pay with pin. More information can be found on the website and social media of the restaurants.

In addition to all the shocking measures, we had a little relief in between. Hotel stays (and accommodation in holiday homes) can continue as usual. This, of course, with due observance of all current rules; 1.5 meters away, wash hands regularly, do not shake hands, cough in your elbow, mouth masks duty in public areas and avoid crowds. And of course the adjustment of the size of the party.

A group may consist of a maximum of 4 people (excluding children up to and including 12 years), unless it consists of a household. It is therefore also not possible to rent a holiday home or room with more than 4 people (with the exception of your own household). We are not controllers. As Prime Minister Rutte states, "be responsible for your own choices". Are you coming with more people? Let us know. Then we look for a suitable solution.

Have you booked through one of our rental partners? No contact them, unfortunately we cannot change or adjust anything for you.

Are you looking forward to a holiday at Zon Zee Strand in the new year? All prices are online. Do you already have a lodge or apartment in mind? Do not wait to long. Some periods go quickly and are almost fully booked. Tip from us - take out cancellation or travel insurance with your own insurer. This way you are covered for unforeseen events.

If you have any questions, you can always email us ( Hope to see you again!

Lots of love from Callantsoog